What is life coaching?

What do I do as a life coach?

I partner with the client, meeting them where they are right now. We work together to come up with action steps. Rather than trying to fix issues (as in the role of a therapist), my job is to reflect & reframe situations & ask questions that allow the client to dig deep into themselves & find their own answers. I will of course give advice if asked for it, or if I feel that the client has stalled, but my first approach is always to guide the client to seek answers within themselves.

What don’t I do as a life coach?

I don’t deal with mental health issues. If I start working with a client and determine that they need help with mental health issues I will refer them to a trusted therapist.


My Code of Ethics, as a graduate of the University of Wellness:

I am trained to help clients connect to their own divine guidance within.

I believe that we all have a power within that is far greater than ourselves. My job as a coach is to allow my clients to connect with their own divine guidance within.

I honor every person’s beliefs and do not impose mine on them.

I am trained to support clients in their own goals. I do not simply tell people what to do. I do not impose my beliefs or products onto anyone.

I am passionate about helping people become the highest version of themselves.

My job is to create a safe space for my clients to share their unique truths, ideas, and aspirations. I help people clarify dreams and goals.

I support my clients and keep them accountable in taking action.

I help guide them and keep them accountable on their own paths. To achieve this, I provide my clients with a framework for clarity by guiding them to tap into their own guidance system. I give them tools to set goals, stay accountable, and keep their eyes on the prize.

I have an abundance mindset with financial integrity.

I uphold honest sales tactics at all times. I maintain a consistent pricing structure that is consistent with our target market. I do not promote materialism to entice individuals to my coaching. My results are my selling points.

I value individual spiritual growth and am a life-long learner.

As I move along the many paths toward greater enlightenment and awakening, I express gratitude as I honor the unique beliefs of our clients. I also highly value continuing education. I recognize that the strategies which work for one do not work for all. I aim to stay current with my education. I am continually allowing opportunities into my life to expand my knowledge and my reach.

I lovingly lead and guide.

Universal love is the force in which I operate. I have a ton of knowledge and tools, though I never push any specific theories (dietary, spiritual, fitness, etc.) My client’s needs are first. I support my clients, but I do not do the work for them. I provide my clients with tools and strategies, while also helping them be accountable and progressive.

I am authentic in all areas of life.

I value honesty and authenticity as top priorities. I practice what I preach and admit perfection is impractical. I am consistent.

I am unapologetic about self-care.

I honor and take care of myself in every way. I have daily non- negotiable self-care and spiritual practices. I know that in order to serve others, I must first serve myself.

I am a speaker, a teacher, a healer, and a leader of the future.

I am compassionate and on a mission! My eyes are open. I am fully aware that there is a higher energy moving all things on the planet into a place of unconditional love and higher vibration. I allow myself and my clients to rely on personal internal wisdom as our guidance system. I work just as hard on myself as I do on my business. I speak, teach, and lead the future.